Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi rule, 1922-1945

Joshua D. Zimmerman
Introduction Joshua Zimmerman; Part I. Italian Jewry from Liberalism to Fasci 1. The double-bind of Italian Jews: Acceptance and Assimilation Alexander Stille; 2. Italian Jewish identity from the Risorgimento to the racial laws Mario Toscano; 3. Mussolini and the Jews on the eve of the march on Rome Giorgio Fabre; Part II. Rise of Racial Persecution: 4. Characteristics and objectives of the Anti-Jewish racial laws in Fascist Italy, 1938-1943 Michele Sarfati; 5. The beginnings of racial persecution: the exclusion of Jews from Italian academies Annalisa Capristo; 6. The damage to Italian culture: Jewish university professors in Fascist Italy and after, 1938-1946 Roberto Finzi; 7. Building a racial state: images of the Jew in the illustrated fascist magazine, La Difesa della Razza, 1938-1943 Sandro Servi; 8. The impact of anti-Jewish legislation on the everyday life and the response of Italian Jews (1938-1943) Iael Nidam-Orvieto; 9. The children of Villa Emma at Nonantola, 1942-1943

Jews in Italy under Fascist and Nazi rule, 1922-1945 (Engelsk)
Indscannet e-bog, let bearbejdet (Engelsk)

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Cambridge University Press, 2005