Policy-making in the European Union

(The new European Union series) Uniquely authoritative and comprehensive, this text provides expert insight into EU policy, exploring the modes, mechanisms, substance, and implementation of EU policy-making
INSTITUTIONS, PROCESS AND ANALYTICAL APPROACHES ; 1. An Overview ; 2. Theorizing EU Policy-Making ; 3. The European Policy Process in Comparative Perspective ; 4. An Institutional Anatomy and Five Policy Modes ; POLICIES ; 5. The Single Market: From Stagnation to Renewal ; 6. Competition Policy: Defending the Economic Constitution ; 7. Policy-Making under Economic and Monetary Union: Crisis, Change, and Continuity ; 8. The Common Agricultural Policy: The Fortress Challenged ; 9. The Budget: Who Gets What, When, and How? ; 10. Cohesion Policy: A New Direction for New Times? ; 11. Social Policy: Left to the Judges and the Markets? ; 12. Employment Policy: Between Efficacy and Experimentation ; 13. Environmental Policy: Contending Dynamics of Policy Change ; 14. Energy Policy: Sharp Challenges and Rising Ambitions ; 15. Justice and Home Affairs: Institutional Change and Policy Continuity ; 16. Trade Policy: Policy-making after the Treaty of Lisbon ; 17. Enlargement: Constituent Policy

Policy-making in the European Union (Engelsk)

Grundigt bearbejdet (Engelsk)
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Helen Wallace, Mark A. Pollack og Alasdair R. Young
Oxford University Press, 2015, (7. udgave)