American popular music

from minstrelsy to MP3
Indhold: Themes and streams of American popular music ; "After the ball" : popular music of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries ; "Catching as the small-pox" : social dance and jazz, 1917-1935 ; "I got rhythm" : the golden age of Tin Pan Alley song, 1920s and 1930s ; "St. Louis blues" : race records and hillbilly music, 1920s and 1930s ; "In the mood" : the swing era, 1935-1945 ; "Choo choo ch' boogie" : the postwar era, 1946-1954 ; "Rock around the clock" : rock 'n' roll, 1954-1959 ; "Good vibrations" : American pop and the British invasion, 1960s ; "Blowin' in the wind" : country, soul, urban folk, and the rise of rock, 1960s ; The 1970s : rock music, disco, and the popular mainstream ; Outsiders' music : progressive country, reggae, salsa, punk, funk, and rap, 1970s ; The 1980s : digital technology, MTV, and the popular mainstream ; "Smells like teen spirit" : hip-hop, "alternative" music, and the entertainment business

American popular music (Engelsk)

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