Building winning algorithmic trading systems

a trader's journey from data mining to Monte Carlo simulation to live trading
Machine generated contents note: Acknowledgments About the Author Introduction Part 1: A Trader's Journey Chapter 1 The Birth of a Trader Chapter 2 Enough Is Enough Chapter 3 World Cup Championship of Futures Trading(r) Triumph Chapter 4 Making the Leap?Transitioning to Full Time Part 2: Your Trading System Chapter 5 Testing and Evaluating A Trading System Chapter 6 Preliminary Analysis Chapter 7 Detailed Analysis Chapter 8 Designing and Developing Systems Part 3: Developing a Strategy Chapter 9 Strategy Development?Goals and Objectives Chapter 10 Trading Idea Chapter 11 Let's Talk about Data Chapter 12 Limited Testing Chapter 13 In-Depth Testing/Walkforward Analysis Chapter 14 Monte Carlo Analysis and Incubation Chapter 15 Diversification Chapter 16 Position Sizing and Money Management Chapter 17 Documenting the Process Part 4: Creating a System Chapter 18 Goals, Initial and Walkforward Testing Chapter 19 Monte Carlo Testing and Incubation Part 5: Considerations before Going Live Chapter 20 Account and Position Sizing Chapter 21 Trading Psychology Chapter 22 Other Considerations before Going Live Part 6: Monitoring a Live Strategy Chapter 23 The Ins and Outs of Monitoring a Live Strategy Chapter 24 Real Time Part 7: Putting It All Together Chapter 25 Delusions of Grandeur Chapter 26 Conclusion Appendix A Monkey Trading Example, Tradestation Easy Language Code Appendix B Euro Night Strategy, Tradestation Easy Language Format Appendix C Euro Day Strategy, Tradestation Easy Language Format About the Companion Website Index

Building winning algorithmic trading systems (Engelsk)

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Wiley, 2014