Fixed income securities

valuation, risk, and risk management
PART I: BASICS. 1 An Introduction to Fixed Income Markets. 2 Basics of Fixed Income Securities. 3 Basics of Interest Rate Risk Management. 4 Basic Refinements in Interest Rate Risk Management. 5 Interest Rate Derivatives: Forwards and Swaps. 6 Interest Rate Derivatives: Futures and Options. 7 Inflation, Monetary Policy, and the Federal Funds Rate. 8 Basics of Residential Mortgage Backed Securities. PART II: TERM STRUCTURE MODELS: TREES. 9 One-Step Binomial Trees. 10 Multi-Step Binomial Trees. 11 Risk Neutral Trees and Derivative Pricing. 12 American Options. 13 Monte Carlo Simulations on Trees. PART III: TERM STRUCTURE MODELS: CONTINUOUS TIME. 14 Interest Rate Models in Continuous Time. 15 No Arbitrage and the Pricing of Interest Rate Securities. 16 Dynamic Hedging and Relative Value Trades. 17 Risk Neutral Pricing and Monte Carlo Simulations. 18 The Risk and Return of Interest Rate Securities. 19 No Arbitrage Models and Standard Derivatives. 20 The Market Model and Options' Volatility Dynamics. 21 Forward Risk-Neutral Pricing and the LIBOR Market Model. 22 Multifactor Models

Fixed income securities (Engelsk)
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