How to make money in stocks

a winning system in good times or bad
Summary: Tells how to select profitable stocks, avoid common investment errors, recognize undervalued stocks, know when to sell, reduce risk, and retire early
A winning system : CAN SLIM. Introduction : you can learn and benefit from America's 100 years of super winners ; The greatest stock-picking secrets ; How to read charts like a pro and improve your selection and timing ; C = current big or accelerating quarterly earnings and sales per share ; A = annual earnings increases : look for big growth ; N = newer companies, new products, new management, new highs off properly formed bases ; S = supply and demand : big volume demand at key points ; L = Leader or laggard : which is your stock? ; I = institutional sponsorship ; M = market direction : how you can determine it. Be smart from the start. When you must sell and cut every loss--without exception ; When to sell and take your worthwhile profits ; Money management : should you diversify, invest for the long haul, use margin, sell short, or buy options, IPOs, tax shelters, NASDAQ stocks, foreign stocks, bonds, or other assets? ; Twenty-one costly mistakes most investors make. Investing like a professional. More models of great stock market winners ; Picking the best market themes, sectors, and industry groups ; How I use IBD® to find potential winning stocks ; Watching the market and reacting to news ; How you could make your million owning mutual funds ; Improving the management of pension and institutional portfolios ; Important rules and guidelines to remember. Success stories

How to make money in stocks (Engelsk)
Grundigt bearbejdet (Engelsk)

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McGraw-Hill, 2009, (4. udgave)
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