Hugo and Russell's Pharmaceutical microbiology

Contents: Contributors, 000 Preface to Seventh Edition, 000 Preface to First Edition, 000 Part 1: Biology of Microorganisms 1. Microbiology in Pharmacy, 000 Stephen Denyer, Norman Hodges, Sean Gorman 2. Fundamental Features of Microbiology, 000 Norman Hodges 3. Bacteria, 000 David Allison, Peter Gilbert 4. Fungi, 000 Kevin Kavanagh, Derek Sullivan 5. Viruses, 000 Jean-Yves Maillard with David Stickler 6. Other Micro-organisms, 000 Tim Paget 7. Principles of Microbial Pathogenicity and Epidemiology, 000 Peter Gilbert, David Allison Part 2: Antimicrobial Agents 8. Immunology, 000 Mark Gumbleton, Jim Furr 9. Vaccination and Immunisation, 000 Peter Gilbert with David Allison 10. Types of Antibiotics and Synthetic Antimicrobial Agents, 000 Denver Russell 11. Laboratory Evaluation of Anti-Microbial Agents, 000 J.M.B. Smith 12. Mechanisms of Action of Antibiotics and Synthetic Antiinfective Agents, 000 Peter Lambert 13. Resistance to Antibiotics, 000 Anthony Smith 14. Clinical Uses of Anti-Microbial Drugs, 000 Roger Finch Part 3: Microbiological Aspects of Pharmaceutical Processing 15. Ecology of Micro-Organisms in Pharmaceutical Manufacture, 000 Elaine Underwood 16. Microbial Spoilage and Infection Risk, 000 Rosamund Baird 17. Chemical Disinfectants, Antiseptics and Preservatives, 000 Sean Gorman, Eileen Scott 18. Mode of Action of, and Resitance to, Non-Antibiotic Anti-Microbial Agents, 000 Stephen Denyer with Denver Russell 19. Sterile Pharmaceutical Products, 000 Jim Ford 20. Principles of Sterilisation and Sterility Assurance, 000 Stephen Denyer, Norman Hodges 21. Factory and Hospital Hygiene, 000 Robert Jones 22. Manufacture of Antibiotics, 000 Sally A. Varian 23. Manufacture and Quality Control of Immunological Products, 000 Michael Corbel 24. Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, 000 Miguel Camara 25. Additional Applications of Microbiology in the Pharmaceutical Sciences, 000 Denver Russell

Hugo and Russell's Pharmaceutical microbiology (Engelsk)

Indscannet e-bog, ikke bearbejdet (Engelsk)
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Stephen P. Denyer, Norman A. Hodges, Sean P. Gorman
Blackwell Science, 2004, (7. udgave)