Management of common musculoskeletal disorders

physical therapy principles and methods
This fundamental textbook of orthopedic physical therapy is now in its thoroughly updated Fourth Edition. This new edition presents a 'how-to' approach focusing on the foundations of manual therapy. More than 1,200 illustrations and photographs demonstrate therapeutic techniques. It features extensive references cite key articles, emphasizing the latest research. Reflecting current practice standards, this edition places greater emphasis on joint stabilization techniques and the role of exercise. Its coverage includes new material on soft tissue manipulations and myofascial evaluation. This edition also features case studies covering real-life practice scenarios
Part I: Basic Concepts and Techniques Chapter 1: Properties of Dense Connective Tissue Chapter 2: Wound Healing: Injury and Repair of Dense Connective Tissue Chapter 3: Arthrology Chapter 4: Chronic Pain Management in the Adult Chapter 5: Assessment of Musculoskeletal Disorders and Concepts of Management Chapter 6: Introduction to Manual Therapy Chapter 7: Myofascial Considerations and Evaluation in Somatic Dysfunction Chapter 8: Soft Tissue Manipulations Chapter 9: Relaxation and Related Techniques Chapter 10: Functional Exercise Part II: Clinical Applications-Peripheral Joints Chapter 11: The Shoulder and Shoulder Girdle Chapter 12: The Elbow and Forearm Chapter 13: The Wrist and Hand Complex Chapter 14: The Hip Chapter 15: The Knee Chapter 16: The Lower Leg, Ankle and Foot Chapter 17: The Temporomandibular Joint Part III: Clinical-The Spine Chapter 18: The Spine-General Structure and Biomechanical Considerations Chapter 19: The Cervical Spine Chapter 20: The Thoracic Spine Chapter 21: The Cervicothoracic-Upper Limb Scan Examination Chapter 22: The Lumbar Spine Chapter 23: The Sacroiliac Joint and the Lumbar-Pelvic-Hip-Complex Chapter 24: The Lumbosacral Joint and the Lumbar-Pelvic-Hip-Complex Chapter 25: Case Studies Appendix

Management of common musculoskeletal disorders (Engelsk)

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Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, 2006, (4. udgave)