The Routledge Handbook of multimodal analysis

An introduction to multimodality / Carey Jewitt. Different approaches to multimodality / Carey Jewitt. What are multimodal data and transcription? / Flewitt, Rosemary, Hampel, Regine, Hauck, Mirjam and Lancaster, Lesley. What is mode? / Gunther Kress. Parametric systems : the case of voice quality / Theo van Leeuwen. Modal density and modal configurations : multimodal actions / Sigrid Norris. Historical changes in the semiotic landscape : from calculation to computation / Kay O'Halloran. Technology and sites of display / Rodney H. Jones. Multimodality and mobile culture / Kevin M. Leander and Lalitha Vasudevan. Multimodality, identity, and time / Jay Lemke. Multimodality and reading : the construction of meaning through image-text interaction / Len Unsworth and Chris Cleirigh. Multimodality and language : a retrospective and prospective view / Ron Scollon and Suzie Wong Scollon. Multimodality and theories of the visual / David Machin. Multimodality and new literacy studies / Brian Street, Kate Pahl, and Jennifer Rowsell. Representations in practices : a socio-cultural approach to multimodality in reasoning / Jonas Ivarsson, Jonas Linderoth, and Roger Säljö. Indefinite precision : artefacts and interaction in design / Paul Luff, Christian Heath, and Karola Pitsch. Anthropology and multimodality : the conjugation of the senses / David Howes. Practical function and meaning : a case study of Ikea tables / Anders Björkvall. Gesture and movement in tourist spaces / Adam Jaworski and Crispin Thurlow. Image in the multimodal ensemble : children's drawing / Diane Mavers. Space and communication in exhibitions : unravelling the nexus / Maree Stenglin. Music and designed sound / Tore West

The Routledge Handbook of multimodal analysis (Engelsk)

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Carey Jewitt
Routledge, 2011