Understanding learning at work

Understandings of workplace learning, David Boud & John Garrick. Section 1 Context: The changing contexts of work, Catherine Casey; learning to work and working to learn, Ronald Barnett. Section 2 Perspectives: new dimensions in the dynamics of learning and knowledge, Judy Matthews & Phillip Candy; finding a good theory of workplace learning, Paul Hager; past the guru and up the garden path - the new organic managment learning, David Beckett; gender workers and gendered workplaces - implications for learning, Belinda Probert. Section 3 Issues in practice: culture and difference in workplace learning, Nicky Solomon; technologizing equity - the politics and practices of work-related learning, Elaine Butler; guided learning at work, Stephen Billet; is learning transferable, Mark Tennant; competency-based learning - a dubious past - an assured future?, Andrew Gonczi. Section 4 Futures: envisioning new organizations for learning, Victoria J. Marsick & Karen E. Watkins; future learning, future work and the new production of knowledge, John Garrick.

Understanding learning at work (Engelsk)
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Routledge, 2000