The why of the buy

consumer behavior and fashion marketing
Indhold: Preface; Acknowledgments; Introduction; We are all consumers; Why is consumer behavior important to the fields of fashion and design?; Consumer behavior, marketing, and fashion: a working relationship ; Internal factors influence fashion consumers; How fashion consumers perceive, learn, and remember; Motivation and the fashion consumer; Attitude and the fashion consumer; Personality and the fashion consumer; External factors influence fashion consumers; Age, family, and life cycle influences; Social influences on fashion consumers; Demographics, psychographics, and the fashion consumer; How fashion marketers communicate and consumers decide; How marketers obtain and use consumer information; Social media and the fashion consumer; Consumer decision making; How fashion consumers buy; Global consumers of fashion and design; Fashion consumers and responsible citizenship; How ethics and social responsibility impact consumer behavior; The role of government for fashion consumers; References; Glossary; Credits; Index

The why of the buy (Engelsk)

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Fairchild Books ; An Imprint of Bloomsbury Publishing Inc., 2015, (2. udgave)