How to find Braille Music on Nota’s homepage

In this tutorial, we will explain each step on how you can find braille music in English, but we will include the Danish terms to help you navigate the homepage.

Please be aware that Nota’s online library is in Danish and that it is currently not possible to select an English version of the homepage. If you are using a screen-reader that is set to read in English, be aware that some text may not be read aloud correctly.

  1. Login and select the advanced search function on Nota’s homepage to find braille music scores. The advanced search function is called "Udvidet søgning".             
    Screenshot showing the place of the search button

  2. You will now be directed to the advanced search function. Select and write in the search box to begin your search. The search box is called "Søgeord" – tekstfelt.   
    Screenshot showing the place of the advanced search function

  3. You can further adjust the scope of your search by selecting the dropdown menu under the header "Søg i". Here you can choose to search by Keywords, Title, Composer etc.

    Fritekst = Free text search
    Forfatter = Composer
    Titel = Title
    Emneord = Keywords   

    Screenshot showing the place of the dropdown menu in which you can make selected search

  4. In order to limit the scope of your search to braille music only, select "Punktnode" under the header "Formater". Punktnode is the Danish word for braille music.     
    Screenshot showing the place of the selected Punktnode

  5. You are now ready to complete your search, select "Udfør" - knap.
    Screenshot showing the place of the button Udfør

  6. Your search has now been completed and you will be shown a list of the relevant braille music available for download from Nota.


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