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At Nota - the Danish National Library for Persons with Print Disabilities - we work to ensure that all have equal opportunities to aquire knowledge and experiences. Besides audiobooks, e-books and braillebooks, Nota also provides a wide veracity of braille music scores.

We hope that you will enjoy the possibilities that our service gives you.

About Braille Music

This collection contains more than 3.000 digital braille music titles. Enter your search terms or choose braillemusic by category or instrument in the link list.

In our collection you will find braille music within:

  • Educational, e.g. instrumental schools, etudes, ear training and music theory
  • Solo instrumental and vocal works, mainly organ, piano, orchestra instruments, accordion, guitar and chimes
  • Chamber music from duo to sinfonietta
  • Large orchestra and choir works

The titles are offered free of charge to braille music users worldwide on CD-ROM. The braille music consists of plain text files, available in three mappings: Unicode Braille, OctoBraille 1252 and Braille ASCII.

The digital braille files are scanned from printed braille, and retain the page layout of the printed original. The digital files may not be suitable for printout, due to the page size (line length and number of lines per page.)

For further information, please contact Lena Ellersgaard
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Lena Ellersgaard

Lena Ellersgaard

Tlf. 39 13 46 54